Rose Colored


Life is often seen through rose-colored glasses

Model: Uilani Davis, Location: Kahului, Maui, HI

When I was editing this image, I couldn’t help but notice Uilani’s expression. It was pensive yet possessed a quality of sadness. The original image is full of deep reds, but this saturation didn’t blend well with the emotional content of the scene and I felt that desaturation was the obvious progression. This led to the image becoming flat, so after color correcting the image and increasing the highlights on her face, I used a plugin from Red Giant called, PhotoLooks (Magic Bullet Suite) to add the selective focus, increase the contrast and add the rose tint. The selective focus creates depth, and the contrast and highlights draw attention to her face. In the case of this scene, emotion is the contrasting element that separates it from the overall beauty of the image.

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