BCHVERTOUT“I’ve had the pleasure to work for Quddus on several different projects as a designer and a consultant. Quddus is clear and concise on what the projects goals are and he is always open to constructive ideas to meet tight deadlines. Quddus is calm under pressure and communicates with the utmost professionalism, even in tense situations. Quddus provides valuable and insightful feedback, which helps everyone on the crew to get the overall scope of the project. Quddus is the type of person who is amiable, personable, creative and technically proficient. Those skills are a must when working with actors and mediating between the film crew and directors. He is the go to person who can make the tough decisions in a crunch. 

I look forward to working with Quddus again in the future.” – Gerhard Kaaihue, Creative Director, BlueDrink Studios

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