A Sniper’s Tale (2013) – Short Film

Genre: Military Drama       Runtime: 12 min.

Gunfight Showdown (2013) – Short Film

Genre: Military Action/Comedy      Runtime: 1 min.

BlueDrink Studios (2013) – Web Promo/Commercial

Genre: Commercial/Promo      Runtime: 30 sec.

Title Boxing Club – Greenwood Village (2013) – Web Promo/Commercial

Genre: Commercial/Promo      Runtime: 1 min.

The Willing (2009) – Feature Film Trailer

Awarded with the 2009 “CINE Golden Eagle Award,”  a 2009 “Accolade Award of Merit” and won “Best Feature Film” at the 2013 “Honolulu Film Awards.”

Genre: Suspense/Drama      Runtime: 1:47 min.

The Mark (2007) – Short Film

Genre: Suspense/Drama/Tragedy      Runtime: 8:40 min.

Ho’okipa (2005) – Short Film

Genre: Comedy      Runtime: 31 sec.

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