Interview: Zak Kinsella – Why I found this shoot inspiring

This is a promo video of an interview I did with Zak Kinsella. Zak is a freelance comic book artist and illustrator. He discusses who he is, what he does and his future goals. I find this video inspiring because of how I was able to produce this piece in a small space and in a relatively short period of time while being creative with my lighting design. Though I used practical lighting on-camera, off-camera is three 500W lights, which is used to light the overall scene. Matching the lighting to make it invisible to the conscious viewer was a challenge, but I was able to get the lighting right in the allotted time. I used color correction and conversion gels and a flag kit to make the scene look like it was lit naturally via practical lighting. Another cool aspect of this shoot was getting the interviewee to play along with the humoristic side of the interview. The point of the project was to have fun while making something creative that was both, usable and functional, which I think we were able to pull off.

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