Model: Tiara Aleina, Location: Kula, Maui, HI


The purpose of this photograph was clearly meant to capture the essence of the title, lust and luster. Fortunately, Tia is one of those models that have no fear or shame. Because she exudes a natural confidence and sexuality, this photoshoot produced many good quality (content-based) photographs. What I like about the overall image is the two opposite converging triangles that balance out the image. Obviously, the point of the dresses neckline is one triangle, but the less obvious one is the triangle created by the low-angle which widens her breasts that creates the base of the triangle. Her arms and hair (which also form triangles) force the point of this triangle to her forehead. Furthermore, there is a subliminal aspect that enforces this triangle, which is created by the circular curves of her breasts and the half-circle highlight of her forehead. These lines and curves within the image dictated that the image be monochrome. I chose sepia, because it created a softer look when compared to grayscale. This image was edited in Photoshop and Red Giant’s PhotoLooks (Magic Bullet Suite).

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